Heart padlockWell I must say, finding nice things to put on here has not been that tricky as there seems to be no end to the wonderful websites on the web devoted to all things gorgeous.  First images are from bedecked which is a must visit shop for any aspiring seamstresses as they have a great range if trimmings and an excellent haberdashery – I’ll be adding them to the fave links in due course. I particularly Pink heart pendant - bedeckedlike this cute peachy pink heart pendant and the ever so weeny heart padlock at the top of the page. I have also been browsing on one of my fave interiors websites,  Twentytwentyone. They have just brought in some amazing new stuff and  if I were a rich girl na na na na na na na na na, I would most definitely buy these uber funky anime style ‘Wrongwood’ drawers by British artist Richard Woods and designer Sebastian Wrong (geddit?)

  Funky drawers Also making it to my eye candy hit list for today is this rather lovely umbrella again from twentytwentyone. It is designed by Chris Kable at Droog Design and gives a dappled light effect but personally, I like the wee birdy perched  on top best – makes me think of summer sipping shandy in the garden or the smell in the air after a good old April shower. Ah!


Now for the last installment of deliciousness, here are some AMAZING bags by new designer Emma Burton (under the name of Elbo.) I totally recommend having a browse on the site, if only for inspiration.

Coco Handbag from ElboAbigail Handbag from Elbo