If I had my way…

I would have a wall full of clocks, all ticking away. I absolutely love them; perhaps it harks back to my grandparent’s house in Ireland where every room seemed to have the soft tick-tocking of a carriage clock counting away the days of my summer holidays.

I find it comforting and what’s more, old clocks have none of the ear -jarring rawking rasp of the tacky modern alarm clock. Style has certainly been passed over in favour of substance – for example, that awful clock that runs away from you in the morning is my idea of hell…

Give me a gentle ticking and a solid bell ring any day!


So the reason for a post on clocks is that I have seen a lovely one I fancy for my kitchen (above) and it’s a snip at £20 from good old John Lewis but while I was browsing, I came across a few other little fancies that I thought I could share.


Having done a bit of research, I discovered an important name in clock making and design – George Nelson who is one of the most revered designers of the 20th Century. He created some of the most well known clock styles around such as the Sunburst clock created for Vitra (above) which has been redesigned and revamped dozens of times.

 Vintage Clock from Newgate Clocks   

Another well known clock-makers is Newgate Clocks, which is actually run by people I know from my home town. They have helped bring back the humble wall clock into the collective consciousness of the style savvy. I particularly like their classic vintage clock and the stylish Bond Street clock but if these aren’t for you, they have plenty to suit every taste. 

Living Lounge does a number of funky, modern clocks, as does Nest and Retro to Go while over on Flickr, there are a number of great clocks, such as Thrift Store Addict’s collection of retro time pieces. These wonderful finds remind us that you can still pick up a bargain if you look hard enough. In fact, I have been quite taken by his obvious eye for a stylish bargain, just look at these little beauties…







This amazing retro clock below would look super in my living room, in fact, having browsed on Thrift Store Addict’s photo stream, if you in any doubts about how to style a retro or vintage clock into your room, have a little look see there for a boost of inspiration.