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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Oo-la la, I have been on the prowl again for cool and unusual design things to add to my library of fab finds and thought, why not look further afield than the UK, which is of course full of great designers, but you know, sometimes you have to think outside the Brit box…

Now, it may come as a surprise that my first finding is from Spain. I love 80s design and often wear my little pink plastic lip brooch on my cardie so imagine my glee when i found this amazing wrapping paper in the fabulous online shop belonging to Duada  – definitely worth checking out for unique presents and oddities. This graphic lips/ make-up/ glasses / bows and shoes paper that got my attention. I plan to frame it as a piece of art!

Moving on…

I have also made another exciting discovery: Serena Con Jersey – a fun and unique design store specialising in jewellery, bags and sweaters. I have hand picked my personal favourites that will be making an appearance in my wardrobe/ jewellery box very soon…

How cute – this heart necklace is only €14 – and would make a lovely gift, but I am going to be greedy and keep it for myself as I am really into black shapes, they look good against my pasty British skin.  Similarly, I also have a hankering for these ‘Happy Drop’ pendants – you can choose your favouite colour then add more happy drops as you see fit. One, two, three, awwwwwww.

How about this for a statement bag? Part Fred from the old Homepride ads and part Italian pizzeria, I love this unusual tote. Snap up yours for €14 from Lazy Oaf  on Carnaby Street or online at Fred Flare

Finally, this Pietari Posti  wallet is almost too pretty to fill with change – stick to notes, I say.  It is one of a limited edition range called “Giants”. Check out his site for some of this Finish graphic designers latest work… or purchase yours from his online shop – be warned though, his stuff isn’t cheap, but hey, that’s the price you pay for original art – he is definitely one to watch.

Stay tuned for more foreign finds as I am off to Berlin on Monday! Have a great weekend!

To whet the old whistle and get you in the mood for autumn (or fall, whichever you prefer) I have been scouting the web, like a pig snuffling for truffles and have come across so great pre-wintery inspiration to get your cockles warmed and to rinse out the last few drops of summer…

First up, I have found some delicious autumn cocktails to get you in the spirit of things – and with names such as Roasted Pear Belini and Hot Spiked Cider, I shall certainly be serving my guests such tipples. And to accompany them, I rather fancy some of these tasty looking biscuits…yum

In my efforts to find the dusty gems ripe for polishing for your delictation, I have found a couple of new blogs – Please Sir (from whence the biscuits came) is one of those you come across that makes you smile and gets the mind buzzing with inspiration – I would definitely check it out.  Similarly, Pret a Voyager is a great little blog and has some interesting links too, in fact I have spotted a shop I am going to go to when I visit Berlin next week thanks to this happy little blog – and I too am going to purchase the super cute diamond ring stamp (only €5)

Now anyone who is anyone can’t have failed to have noticed this rather dashing poster which can be found on Village and purchased for 60 of your American dollars. A bit steep but I tell you, it’s a design classic and shall look fabulous on my newly painted living room chimney breast.

 Now Autumn wouldn’t be welcomed in without a good pair of tights and there is actually a dedicated group on Flickr called the tights, socks & leggings group. Bless them. I found this lovely image on there which is actually showing off the Monkey things but I just love her shoes and tights combo, very stylish for Autumn.

 And just to satisfy my shoe craving, I just had to add a pair of Tracey Neul shoes – with a touch of the peep toe so you can feel like you are dancing on the edge of summer (or wear with yellow tights and look super funky) Now there, don’t you feel better about our approaching season shift now?





Ok, so it’s still a couple of weeks until pay day but I have been coveting some new buys as the autumn approaches – can’t you just smell it in the air?


I have been swooning over some new purchases that are set to make me feel like a queen this season and to give me a little boost as the nights start to draw in.




Take this delectable pocket mirror which I found on Plumo  – it’s only £6 and will be a welcome addition to my handbag.


I shall also be wearing these super cute ballerina shoes as sported by the lovely Mischa Barton – they can be found on good old


Ok, so what to wear with my shoes? Hmm? I spotted this lovely navy satin dress in Principles which oozes 30s glamour.














Team it with this rather fetching 30s silk cape located on saucy Coco de Mer’s site – it was £280 – eek!



I have also bid on this oh-la-la lovely 80s clutch on Whats Mine is– a fab auction site definitely worth checking out – hands off the clutch though!



















But of course, the outfit is not complete without a bit of sparkle: enter my new buy, a delectable and unique piece from quirky Etsy shop, Untamed Menagerie. I have bought this necklace (called Whatever Lola Wants) and I just can’t wait for it to arrive! If you like it, be quick, as there is only one left in stock (only £17 all in with P & P from the States – bargain.)





And as any princess knows, along with quaffing champagne while wearing a beautiful dress, one simply must also partake of a luxurious chocolate – and joy oh joy, I found the perfect ones to round off the super-luxe effect…yum! Well, there are the same choco makers that the HRH the Queen uses!




After an evening of dancing and other such delights, a lady should retire to her room, and what better way to relax than to slip off your shoes and pop on some comfy slippers. Toast does some rather sleek blue suede babouche numbers and they are described as ‘buttery soft’ – yup, that does it for me!


Following on from the last post (after a brief trip to the Emerald Isle) the following images are from the second of the two photo shoots that will be featured in Kerouac’s Dog magazine in October. It was great to get back to doing the make-up and hair styling again as I haven’t done so much recently and it was good to work with my sister, Heidi, who is building up her portfolio too.
This time, we featured fashion designer, Rosie Parker who takes inspiration from re-using old items, such as her exquisite dresses made from vintage pillow cases or her stylish blue and white striped frock made out of deck chair fabric (fully lined!). We are sure that there will be much more from this talented lady in the future!
beautiful dresses made out of vintage pillow cases
beautiful dresses made out of vintage pillow cases


Pretty button detail dress remade from a vintage skirt

Pretty button detail dress remade from a vintage skirt

Zip detail

Zip detail



Styling, make-up & hair – Verity Gough

Photography: Heidi Gough

Models: Charlotte Coombes, Zsofia Gyimesi