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I have created this poll to glean a bit of an insight into what it is that people like about blogs. As a journalist, in particular a journalist that uses social media, it’s valuable to know why people bother reading blogs at all (I mean you have to gain something out of them!)

In which case, I just wanted to flag up a few blogs that I really like – all of which are quite diverse:

I usually pay a daily visit to Only Shallow – a blog by a rather fashionable young Scandinavian girl called Ranna. I like to see what fab outfits she comes up with and she never fails to impress – plus I am amazed at how good her English is – puts us lot to shame!

Picture found here

I also really rate Please Sir which also gives me a daily boost of inspiration – particularly to help me get my vintage fix. Totally worth checking out for interior fever divas…


Picture found here

Similarly, I really like Sew Mamma Sew’s blog which offers so many tips and inpsiration for crafty creatures like me. They have a fab shop full of really well priced fabric, a Flickr page and a forum to swap ideas on – bravo!

Image found here

Print and Pattern blog just makes me happy. I click on it and I feel my fingers twitch for paper and scissors to start glueing and sticking things. I have found many a great idea on those very pages…always jam packed full of great pix, I am never disappointed!

Image found here

At this point, I would like to flag up an up and coming blog called Slave to Fashion, created by Sophie, a true fashionista in every sense of the word.  Rather than douse her blog in images and links, Sophie writes with humour about her passion for fashion and always manages to raise a smile. She doesn’t blog that often but it is worth checking back regularly to see her hilarious updates.


 image found here

There are more, which will be added in due course, however, I just wanted to explain the poll at the top and also flag up some excellent blogs worth keeping an eye on! Have a great weekend! x


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Ah,  just look at the sun blazing in the blue sky, and the leaves crunching underfoot. I truly love autumn. As such I have found a few little treats to prolong the fuzzy feelings of warmth and contentedness – and how better than with a cup of tea and piece of cake…


One of my favourite textile designers is Maija Louekari who creates patterns for Marimeko – I have an ongoing love affair with graphic monochrome prints so I just had to put this new black and white Hetkia latte mug into the mix. It can be purchased here.


I also think that Etsy has some fine offerings too such as this Chickadee cup by Kristen K Swanson and this quirky ‘love bird’ dish by Paloma’s Nest.




And if you like your crockery simple but stylish, you can’t go far wrong with Polly George’s new set of designs. I love her Bow range but she also does butterflies and flowers too…


Now I have to mention cake – well food – and if you are seeking some inspiration, you should definitely check out The Barefoot Kitchen Witch blog (the recipes are divine!) I have also come across the “Baked” cookbook which is on Amazon for around £8.50 – I have already ordered mine and can’t wait – the choclolate brownies are to die for, so I hear.


And what about the humble toffee apple? Another great autumn treat that makes me want to wrap up warm and go strolling through the park! Easy to make, hard to forget and totally worth indulging in!

And being as it is nearly Halloween, I rather like this horror plate from ceramic designer Superpanda.

That concludes my tea and cake treats – now get baking!






…and silver and gold and jewels. Yup my new love is jewellery in all its forms – old, new, borrowed and any…um…colour I fancy.

Image found here

There is no end to the plethora of fabulous jewellery makers out there – of course, what you choose is very much down to personal choice, however, here are some of my faves…


Emma Ferguson has totally nailed her own individual style – like the ‘I Heart Tea’ pendants and her lovely metallic leather feather necklace (another of my new acquisitions).




You may recall a few weeks ago I was rattling on about Untamed Menagerie – a mother and daughter team based in the US who create exquisite designs using acrylic. I recently purchased the divine “Whatever Lola Wants” necklace and have gone back for more… excellent price, excellent customer service and unique jewellery – what more could a fashionable, yet budget conscious gal want?



Another fab find is Bonbi Forest – full of heavenly creations . They stock all sorts from tee-shirts to graf-illustration, but I have taken a particular liking to this ‘Little Shard’ necklace which is a very reasonable £28 and the extra lovely ‘Secret Garden’ piece by Lee May Foster which is a snip at £18. It hits this season’s nature and bird trend in one fowl (haha) swoop!



Ok, are you ready for Buddug?  If you haven’t ever come across this site, then take a deep breath because I guarantee not only will you favourite, Digg or Stumble It, but you will find it impossible to resist wanting practically everything on it! You can’t actually buy direct from the site, but there is a comprehensive list of stockists and they are spread across the globe…




I know a hair band isn’t strictly jewellery, (hey, it an accessory) but I adore this birdie version – now even nest hair can look cute! I also love the bird pin (I have a bit of a bird fetish, you might notice) and look at this beautiful flower brooch too. Nature-inspired accoutrements never looked so good!







Image can be seen here
On my recent trip to Berlin (for work – yawn) I decided to utilise my downtime by going shopping, natch! I had heard whisperings before of this unusual shop in the Mitte area of the city and managed to navigate both the very looooooong streets and the metro system – in totally the wrong shoes.

I actually tracked down this mega second hand clothes store first. Modemarkt Freestyle (Bergmann Strasse 102, Kreuzeberg district) is a great find for the vintage fancier.  Stuffed to bursting with garments from every conceivable era – well no suits of armour, but you get the picture. I can’t find a website for it, but actually I think that is part of the fun of discovering new places, not knowing anything about them until you are there in the flesh! You’ll just have to trust me on this one – like vintage? Love ModeMarkt Freestyle!

Anyway, after that, and a few coffees in some of the super cool cafes in the area, I trundelled off to find Kwikshop.

If you like your design shops, you will LOVE Kwikshop. It is located on Kastanienallee 44, 10119 in the Mitte area of Berlin. Part design boutique, part petrol station-style hatch, you don’t even have to enter to buy your goodies. Prices are more than reasonable, items are totally unique but really, it’s the Kwikshop experience that is worth the visit. I bought this cute little stamp that says “Diamond Ring” and you stamp it on your finger – cool!

Incidentally, check out Stil in Berlin – a  great blog to give you an idea of just what great style can be found in this fab city. I have lots more to say but haven’t uploaded images yet so pop back soon and I’ll get straight onto it!

For all of those vintage-fanciers out there, I have pulled together some of the finest vintage shopping on the web for your delictation…

Go forth and shop!

Mod Cloth has a good range of vintage inspired and genuine pieces.  I have selected this lovely frilly dress and shoes as the two that jump out at me…



Pinks Daily Planner is another cool vintage find. Again, not all authentic pieces but a good range of original one-offs and rather beautifully designed garments. Here are a couple i rather fancy (though a little on the pricey side!)

The Vintage Mode is another great find…and Back Steet Vintage is a super online shop, and with bonefidee vintage gear to satisfy the most ardant of fashionistas…

This looks like it’s straight off Tretchikoff’s Green Lady! Fab!

Navy and polka dots? Brilliant – and a snip – $23

Try 1918 Vintage for 70s and 80s gear like this cute Dolly ruffle shirt and seahorse pendant that doubles up as a comb – nifty!



If you haven’t come across I heart Cheeky Chops and you are a die-hard (ahem) 80s lover, then you really should check it out.  It’s got hand picked vintage attire and is super cheap. Perhaps not really to my taste as I was a child of the 80s and would rather forget that era, personally, but if you are in to it, get over there and knock yourself out!

(I do, however, love this silver belt and it’s only a tenner!)




 For beautiful vintage jewellery – check out This Charming Girl. Really good price and totally original designs – get there quick because it is becoming well known (boo to the masses!)


In fact I’m a bit addicted to jewellery at the moment – here’s some more goodies for you…


Super cute jewels can be found at Poison Apple NY including this “I love horses” pendant.


And over on Etsy, Vintage Bureau has these lovely red pearl set for sale – they will set off any outfit a treat.




While Immaculate Heart Vintage has some shoes to die for! And a good price at $20 and $22 respectively.




That concludes my vintage online shopping extravaganza (for now)

Have a good weekend, y’all x


 Image by Claire McMahon


I have been looking for a striking piece of art for my newly plastered wall, and have been getting a bit frustrated by the lack of available resources. I don’t want no arty schmarty mass produced tat, I already have some great photos and paintings about the house. Oh, no.  I want something UNIQUE!

But the first problem is as soon as some new artist is mentioned in a magazine or blog even, then the cost of their work shoots way out of my budget.


So it got me thinking…


I want some funky wall art, right? So why not go down the illustrator and graphic designer route?  They usually sell screen prints direct from their own websites and stuggling artists always want some business.  So I started my trawl and lo and behold have found some AMAZING, thought provoking and imaginative work. In fact, I have opened the proverbial can of worms as there is so much out there.


My best tip? Use the links on each artists blogs – they usually have loads and you would never otherwise find them. Genius.



Image by Alex Cherry 



First up is my new favourite arty designy type is Beata Szczecinska, a Polish design graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She goes under the name of City Abyss  and her beautiful creations are heavily influenced by fashion, graphic arts, photography and design and take inspiration from city scapes and the modern city environment. I particularly love the Beauty, Rig and Melody prints and at €30 a pop (£23) plus postage and packaging which is around €7. Not bad for limited edition original works by an up and coming artist!



For quirky prints, lots of colour and a fashion edge, check out My Dead Pony, a Belgian graphic illustrator. I really want to get one of his posters – they cost around €30. Here is a taster of MDP’s work!



Similarly Claire McMahon is another one to watch – I love this piece of hers (below) though there is nowhere to buy prints on the site and she uses an agent but you can contact her through Debut Art. She has worked on the POS for Bourjois make-up so this lady is clearly going places!


Images from Debut Art.




VHM Alex  – better known as Alex Cherry, has a great grungy, street stencil style that I really like. Without a frame its $23.99 (£13.50)







Elzo – a Belgian graphic designer based in Brussels has also got a staggeringly original style – I really love this Expo Pazimobile poster – a bargain at € 13. 




Erin Petson is another one to watch – have a look at her lovely site here


J3 Concepts style totally captures everyhing I like in an image – his monochrome prints can be bought for under a tenner! Wow, unique art was never so cheap! If you want a wrapped canvas that starts at around £36 for a small one.




Of course these are just the style of art I personally like.  Check out Deviant Art and Red Bubble where lots of new artists, designers and illustrators are uploading their work to sell. Happy hunting!