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On my recent trip to Berlin (for work – yawn) I decided to utilise my downtime by going shopping, natch! I had heard whisperings before of this unusual shop in the Mitte area of the city and managed to navigate both the very looooooong streets and the metro system – in totally the wrong shoes.

I actually tracked down this mega second hand clothes store first. Modemarkt Freestyle (Bergmann Strasse 102, Kreuzeberg district) is a great find for the vintage fancier.  Stuffed to bursting with garments from every conceivable era – well no suits of armour, but you get the picture. I can’t find a website for it, but actually I think that is part of the fun of discovering new places, not knowing anything about them until you are there in the flesh! You’ll just have to trust me on this one – like vintage? Love ModeMarkt Freestyle!

Anyway, after that, and a few coffees in some of the super cool cafes in the area, I trundelled off to find Kwikshop.

If you like your design shops, you will LOVE Kwikshop. It is located on Kastanienallee 44, 10119 in the Mitte area of Berlin. Part design boutique, part petrol station-style hatch, you don’t even have to enter to buy your goodies. Prices are more than reasonable, items are totally unique but really, it’s the Kwikshop experience that is worth the visit. I bought this cute little stamp that says “Diamond Ring” and you stamp it on your finger – cool!

Incidentally, check out Stil in Berlin – a  great blog to give you an idea of just what great style can be found in this fab city. I have lots more to say but haven’t uploaded images yet so pop back soon and I’ll get straight onto it!