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For those of you who are sewing fanatics, and love buying the funkiest fabric on the web, then get over to Sew Mamma Sew as they are offering a FREE fat quarter (squares of fabric generally used for quilting) of beautiful Amy Butler’s Quilting Solids when you spend $25 or over (which is a mere £16).


Simply use the code ABFQHH when you checkout and you can write your preferred colour(s) in the comments box, but supplies of each fabric are limited, so they will substitute an equally beautiful colour if your choice is not available. The offer runs until 4th December so get shopping!


I just wanted to share some of my favourite unusual buildings in the world (of which there are many) and show how design really does take many forms…

Take the UFO House in Sanjhih, Taiwan – I just love its shape, it’s colours and it actually looks pretty roomy!


Or how about living in Container City in London – you can relocate if you want to move with minimum fuss!


I adore the Wooden Gagster House in Archangelsk, Russia – it reminds me of a cross between something you would find in the movie Waterworld and the Lost Boys’ house from Never Never Land but with a darkly delicious Russian twist. Fabulous!


Or maybe you fancy the crazy angles of the Cubic Houses in Rotterdam, Holland – just looking at them makes me feel dizzy!


Last one: how about the calmness and serenity that comes from living in this quirky Moomin type house in the heart of the Alpes?


For more unusual stuff, go here


My oh my, what a terrible blogger I have been! Work duties have seen me taken away from my cosy Bristol bubble and spat me out into the corporate world, fortunately for me, that was New York and it was divine! It was a particularly pertinent time to be voyaging to the States as I arrived the day after Obama was elected president and the atmosphere was electric. However, I confess, my mind was on less trivial things, such as shopping! From make-up at Macy’s to trawling the boutiques in the East Village, I loved every moment of my downtime and shall definitely be returning soon. 





I picked up a copy of Nylon there, a really cool magazine that I haven’t come across here and it is fab! Really edgy and eccentric, quite British actually – it reminds me of The Face  which incidentally, has a great Flickr group showcasing the old covers. Nylon has a great blog which is definitely worth checking out…






In the meantime, it’s that time of year when I make my annual shopping pilgrimage to Amsterdam (hurrah!) and can’t wait to check out what the city has to offer.


I have already planned with military precision the places to visit, mainly in the Jordaan area of the city in fact, the image below was taken from one of the thrift shops in that district which has so many quirky boutiques selling everything from clothing to homeware – great for presents too.

 And, if anyone is visiting that way, check out our sister blog Secret Shopping which lists some of the cool shops to head to – and if you know of any others, be sure to let us know!


I shall be back with more regular posts after getting this mammoth week of work out of the way (I always use alliteration when I am stressed) with some great new finds to help out with those Christmas lists!