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Go on, treat yourself to this cool box of arty chocs – how fabulous! A nice addition to the coffee table, as well as your stomach! Found here at the supremely cool Lollipop Shoppe.

andy warhol chocs


Oh lord, just have a look at this for a pretty purchase…

It’s a ribbon watch and this one can be found online at Elsie Riley , or in the cute Aladin’s cave of beautiful finds in the  Elsie Riley store on Broad Street in Bristol. It’s a great find (thanks Jenny!)


You can change the ribbons to suit your outfit – sweet! And the best bit? It costs £16.99 a pop!



Image found here

It’s Friday, which means the weekend and I cannot tell you just how relieved I am that the week is over! So happy, that I have dedicated today to my ‘Bag Lusts’ – I do hope you enjoy my offerings!

First up is the  fabulous Emma Gordon who creates exquisite bags such as the one above and also the one below (so good she warrants two images!) The prices are very reasonable too – this clutch below costs a mere £44- and it’s sooooo pretty!

Georgia Navy Peach clutch

Or how about the quirky Lost in Love tote by Every Little Counts – a snip at $18 and you can buy online.


Lost love tote


Image found here

Oh go on, one more, it IS Friday afterall…

I spotted hot neon pink leather beauty on HoakonHelga’s site – they sell through Etsy but the website is ace too.

neon pink leather bag




I just love hearing about new design so I simply have to give a shout out to Pretty Taxing, suppliers of these super-cool designer tax disks. Created to replace those ugly pieces of plastic that yellow and peel, now your car can be a haven of good taste. I like Pam Hogg’s Diana Doors-esque diva and Stuart Semple’s graphic bling design but there are loads to choose from…

Artist Pam Hogg channels 1950's retro chic

Artist Pam Hogg channels 1950's retro chic

While I am on the subject of taste, thanks to the lovely Rhea who has flagged up another excellent blog to add to the old blogroll: Kindom of Style – a most addictive daily read and one to definitely add to the favourites.

Kingdom of Style: taking 'shoe porn' to new heights

Kingdom of Style: taking 'shoe porn' to new heights
Happy surfing!


Maps are p-r-e-t-t-y handy things to have about one’s person, particularly when in an unknown region but what’s even better is that they are fashionable now. Yup, maps are big in interiors, fashion and general fabulous design-type offerings. Perhaps it is something to do with our globalisation obsession, or that travelling is cool, or maybe it’s because people like others to think they are well travelled, and nothing say that more than a big old map on your wall. It’s the stuff of dreams: plotting your sejourns across the globe, imagining what life is like in these strange, foreign lands…

Anyway, I digress. To illustrate this little micro-trend, as I am calling it, I have found some places to source some of the best travel-inspired objects, from fashion to jewellery.

First up is the map bowl above, which can be sourced from Not On The highstreet . Made by Bombus, each one is orginal – and start from around £65.  In fact Bombus does lots of map-inspired goodies like the love heart art  which sells for £25 – totally unique!



Or how about this rather lovely pair of earrings I spotted on Etsy. They are  made with recycled silver and snippets of old dictionary text and vintage maps. Created by ‘Foundling’ there are lots of other unusual jewellery offerings available too.



I love this map badge too and the best thing is you can choose your own home town and get it made up! Nothing like a bit of patrotism eh?



So you get the idea…

However, this rather charmless jacket might be taking the trend j-u-s-t a little tooooooo far…but don’t let that put you off!


map jacket



Image found here

While I am on a reading buzz, I thought it worth flagging up Queens Of Vintage – a great daily read for all the vintage fanciers out there. It covers some really interesting features and has great profiles including the super-chic hairstylist Miss Betty who specialises in vintage hairdos (see pic above) check out her MySpace site .

Other cool stuff includes an interiors section covering such gems as how to create an Art Deco bedroom and profiles on vintage shops on both the highstreet and the net. They also run previews of new lines coming in to some of my fave vintage shops such as Vintage Bluebird – I love this pink tulle dress – talk about channelling  true blue 80s – wouldn’t cha just feel like Cyndi Lauper’s cooler little sister?


pink tulle at Vintage Bluebird

Image found here

Anyway, I thought it was worth adding to the old reading list as I think QOV are fab! Rock on!

After a rather long blogging breather, I am back! for regular readers, my apologies, I have been snowed under (haha) with work and my poor little blog has suffered as a consequence, plus the old laptop was in for some much-needed maintenance so all it all, it’s been a slow start to the year.

However, I have some excting things planned for 2009, and hope to see the ‘official’  launch of the Vintage Verity label! Me and my minions have been working hard, stitching and glueing, painting and sewing to get some lovely little treats together which we hope to sell soon in our eBay shop – but enough of that for now!  I have been busy reading some excellent blogs and online mags, and here is a list of my favourites – guaranteed to get the fashion juices running…


Pic found here

Neet Magazine – probably my favourite mag ever – a blistering good read!

Fashion 156 – a regular fave full of great images and copy for a lunchtime browse.

Lula Mag – does a hard copy as well as an online version – very flash heavy though!

Who, What, Wear? Love it, great for a regular read!

Iconique magazine – big, bold, glossy and fabulous.

The Fashion Addiction – does what it says on the tin – and more…

PopGloss is a spot-on fashion blog I regularly visit – great for inspiration and trend updates.

Stockholm Street Style Ok, so it’s not in English, but don’t let that stop you!  


Happy reading!