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Monthly Archives: March 2009

I have been a bad, bad blog lady as I have been so busy decorating my house and working like the proverbial dog, so this is a mega quick post to highlight a super shop I love, love, love – BUDDUG.



First off , how cute is their shop sign? A pretty hanging dress embroidered with their names! I love it.

And now to the offerings…


I like these letter pendants.


And how about this cute London pin? Jazz up any old coat that would!
Ah go on, one more for you then…the tea pot collection throws up some really pretty creations. I quite fancy this here white pot brooch! I strongly urge you to visit this lovely little shop!



carnival lollipop

Ok, so I have been a little preoccupied by fashion recently, mainly because of my addiction to some brilliant fashion blogs out there (Only Shallow, kingdom of Style ,Bluebird Vintage)

So to redress the balance, here are some lovely new fabrics, fresh in for spring courtesy of Sew Mamma Sew. I have selected a few of my favourites:

At the beginning of the post is one from a new collection by Urban chicks as is the sample below.


I also adore this Perfect Pattern Tea print by my old fave,  Alexander Henry or what about getting graphic with some monotone prints like these below which come as a fat quart – great for craft projects.



If you fancy getting your hands on some of these little beauties, get over to Sew Mamma Sew and type in the code: INLIKEALION at the check-out for a 10% discount – every little helps!