cathkidston shoppers


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Ok, so to the untrained eye these bags look really cute and kitsch and pretty, and yes, anything that is stopping people using plastic bags is a good thing, but I was really disheartened to hear that Cath Kidston had been ensnared by Tesco to design these bags. Hot off the tails of Anya Hindmarch’s “I am not a plastic bag” for Sainsbury’s, CK has fallen into the old mass marketing trap.  Alright, so perhaps as a money-raking business decision it’s a savvy one, but when it comes to integrity, Cath Kidston, purveyor of all things chitzy and responsible for single-handedly making kitsch, dare I say, a bit chavvy (I know, it makes me cry too)  has sold out.

I know that people get up in arms about this – and yes I do like her fabrics, but what I protest to is the obscene diversification that her brand has undergone. You may have read a previous rant on this topic before but a recent weekend trip to Bath cruelly ripped open the barely- healed wound.

My sister is a fan of the incredibly over-priced hand cream (I roll my eyes and wonder why oh why can’t she buy some delicious L’Occitane or some good old Body Shop hand butter or even ‘old faithful’ aka Nivea?) and insisted we went into the shop: cue instant migraine. I balked at the price of her products – even the cheapy wooden doorstops you can buy in a hardware shop for 30p cost £2.50 plus VAT all because they have been slapped with a bit of paint that  I daresay will chip off and the mere slamming of a door. But to add insult to injury, she is now selling old bits of tat that look to the world as though they were pulled from a junk shop as Cath Kidston goodies – I suppose I have to get her points for bare cheek!

My point, dear readers, is this. Clearly ethics and integrity play second fiddle to  the pursuit of money and while Cath Kidston and her marketing people are rolling about in filthy lucre, I remain disappointed by the obvious sell-out – Kidston doesn’t need to increase awareness of her brand, it’s already saturated the highstreet, middle england, and is now taking up residence in chavs-ville.