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Monthly Archives: June 2009

The long-awaited Shop Dutty article and fashion shoot is finally in print! Yes, the latest issue of Suit Yourself Magzine has hit the streets. Click here to read all about it ( we are on pages 71 – 73)


shelbys weekender

Browsing the latest issue of NEET magazine I spotted this beautiful bag from excellent online boutique ShopCuffs.

Sadly, it has sold out, as has its ‘cherry’ coloured compadre below…but I thought it was definitely worth mentioning this wicked little shop.

WOW,WOW, WOW! I am coveting this awesome reconditioned 1940s phone which I spotted on Three Potato Four, a US interiors website full of vintage loveliness (warning: you will not want to leave this site!)

It is a bit on the pricey side at $295 but God, isn’t it fabulous?


I can just see this taking pride of place on my halfmoon table…hmm, must buy a lottery ticket this weekend 😉

orange phone

hop hop hop

Oh my!  You know when you have found a special little place when it has its own theme tune! Dear little online shop “Hop,hop, hop”  is so lovely, I spent ages there. I totally recommend putting your headphones on when browsing! This heart necklace and bracelett set is just one of many truly unique and dainty creations in the shop…

hop hop hop bracelett

Images found here


Lucky doll charms

Ever watchful for super-cute finds, I have come across some great French websites (thanks Shiv) that I thought were so lovely, they need to be shared…

Pop by Les Fleurs a blog that has since turned into a shop selling unbelievebly cute bits and bobs like the Lucky doll charms (above) which cost €11. And the amazingly detailed ‘bijouets’ brooches below are something else.



Paris XL

Oooh I love this little ‘Carte Postale Paris Retro’ by Camille Soulayrol

carte postale Paris

Next up is Yum Yum which makes some adorable jewellery, bags and accessories, really unique stuff that you just don’t find no matter how hard you search!

Yum Yum

I love the Cherry branch brooches below. There are lots more lovely things to see, so I suggest you get over there toute suite!





Z bag


Perhaps it’s because I am a writer by trade, but I have always loved letters and I’m a complete typography nerd so this post is dedicated to the humble letter. First up is the cool “Alphabet bag” – made of 100% cotton and, at a tenner a pop, they are are simple and cool – perfect for nipping to the veg shop or carrying your swimming things in!


emily peacock kiss

If you haven’t yet come across her, Emily Peacock is doing wonderful things for the revival of tapestry. No longer the domain of medieval castles or grandma’s carpet bag, these circus-inspired tapestry cushions rock – mothballs not included. Also you have to DIY so it kind of becomes an heirloom – genius!

bookend bracelett

I spotted these bookspine bracletts on Etsy – they are the handiwork of the very talented Leah Makin whose passion for ‘papers, persnickety punctuation and discarded library books’ make for some really creative items in her Etsy shop.


book braceletts 


While I was pouncing about on Etsy, as is customary for a Friday afternoon, I found these lovely laser-cut lovelies by Isette – she does a whole range of letters and words in lots of different colours. I love the delicate curls of the ampersand, which I rarely get to use as house-style at work doesn’t like the pretty little symbol 😦 so instead, I can wear one – they are a bargain at $24 plus P & P.

ampersand necklace

Ok so it’s not typography, but I think Isette’s cute glasses ring (below) would style up any hand ($9 USD)

spectacles ring

 Finally one more Etsy find for you – this time from the wonderful imagination of Vintage Inspiration – it’s a really cute antique typewritter key set in a novely button – how sweet! Again it’s  a snip at $10 USD.

letter K