Apologies for my absence of late – a promotion is a fine thing but it keep one rather busy! Still I have sneaked in a quick post between hot chocolate and sleep to show y’all some lovely finds I have been collecting up for a moment such as this.

time teller

Take these funky watches – ok so £50 isn’t recession busting but they are so 80s. You can find one here.

uten silo

Now you must have been living in a cave (with terrible wallpaper and artex) if you haven’t heard or seen this brilliant piece of organisational design.

Created by Dorothee Becker it comes in three different colours: white, black and red. It’s made out of plastic and is produced by Vitra Design Museum who has modelled this on the original 1969 version. I for one think it is a thing of beauty. £177 from The Lollipop Shoppe.

paper boat

I love these paper boats and lanterns from KZuid in Amsterdam – if you ever get a chance to go – you have to visit this shop on Haarlemmer Straat! You won’t be disappointed.

paper lanterns