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After a wee absence – I am back and how better to return than with this mucho retro poster from ‘I Love Retro’.

It’s a limited edition letterpress poster – 12 x 18 inches – printed in hand mixed ink and I think it would look fabulous on my ‘wall of interest’. A snip at £24.95. There are loads of other great things on this website so do have a look!

Oh how darling! These lovely little paper flowers by Dutch stationery designer, Jurianne Matter are beautiful – and cheap! Her kits come with a variety of different flowers in various colour combinations and have all sorts of uses: You can thread Blom flowers on a string to create cute floral bunting or jazz up your fairy cakes as well as making a bouquet by pressing the flowers out of the A5 card and threading them onto traditional florist wire.

These packs can be bought in lots of places but check out Berry Red. Each contain 3 cards printed with 5 mixed flowers (15 easy pop out flowers in total) + 4.50 m florist wire. Diameter of each flower is approx. 6 cm. Kits cost £8.50.


I admit it, they may be darn easy to knock up in a matter of hours (or minutes if you are a real dab hand with the sewing machine) but I am truly a sucker for a nice cushion. They actually excite me – sad isn’t it! Ienter a store and find myself making a bee-line for the wall of cushions, waiting for my magpie eye to pick out the one that makes me gasp and say, “Oooo! I love it!” simply to look at the price tag, gulp, break out into a sweat and pronounce, “Bah! I could make that myself!”

Still, I never seem to get round to it. So yesterday, during a customary trip to Habitat to pick up the latest catalogue and buy a few knick-knacks, I was bowled over by a beautiful cushion that actually, I couldn’t make myself…and I bought it! It was £35 – hand painted silk. So pretty! It’s no longer on the Habitat website so will try and get a photo of it up here soon. In the meantime, I have trawled the net in search of comfy, quirky cushions for your viewing pleasure. One day I will own them all and I will live in a house surrounded by my cushions safe in the knowledge that I will never again stub my toe…enjoy…

First cushion (top image) I didn’t find on the highstreet, no sir. Not on the High Street stocks some beautiful and unique cushions (and lots of naff ones too). This little lovely is by Clare Nicolson and costs £40 but it is made from vintage silk and is totally original.


Horses are quite fashionable at the moment, I’ll have you know, and I’ve taken rather a fancy to this little fellow. The Lakota cushion by Candy Mill is fab, simple and striking – £22.50.

Now if you are a fan of the new Tim Burton film: Alice in Wonderland then bag yourself one of these Alice-inspired cushions from London Kills Me. I found them on Rocket St George – 100% silk and an affordable £19. The London Kills Me logo is on the back.

Another RSG find is this quirky ‘Letsby Avenue’ cushion. See what they did there??? Hand-screen printed with a distressed look, these cotton cushions are desgined by Rebecca Oldfield and cost £49.95.

Ok, one more…this beautiful ‘love tattoo’ cushion is a real find and very popular – currently out of stock on Rocket SG but you can email them to order it in. £49.99 and worth every penny in my view!

Now, go forth and get comfortable!

Cheesecake Vintage is a must for anyone who loves their skirts flirty and fifties with a side order of chic. It’s an Etsy store and more, and one I just had to flag up. Take this blue milinary netting, so pretty – only $12 and you can add it to your favourite hat.

This 1960s black, mod, mini-dress is so cute and would be a great option for the modern LBD. And you can’t argue with the price-tag -$54!

Here’s one more I picked out, a 1950s sun dress – it really embodies the era for me. Some vintage is a bit hit n miss and you would look out of place wearing it today, but this is so fresh and cute, I could see lots of office workers sitting about in the summer sun having lunch wearing this type of dress wih some ballerina pumps. Peachy! Again only $38 – bargain!

Happy huntin’…

A great new find, courtesy of my ever watchful sister Siobhan, an avid crafter and seamstress extraordinaire. This little online boutique is jam-packed full of goodies, and all at a great price.

Enter: Re-Found Objects! This little site is ace, I love the paper stuff (see top image) and also these mexican paper designs.

Or what about these cute ‘Rusty Shapes’ from £2.50 each.

For textile fanciers, these lovely vintage Parisian ‘Memento’ cushions are just darling and for £35 each, a fair price for a slice of silky vintage history.

I could go on…oh ok, just one more…

I love these recycled metal picture frames – very salt-weathered and sea-sidey and a snip at £9. Fab! I urge you to favourite it (then you can buy lots of new and interesting stuff and wow your friends!)

The recent Elsie Riley shoot, which took place at the oh-so-quirky warren that is Goldbrick House was so much fun. Our models, Laya and Rhea were just fab and as usual Elena, the snapper, turned it out!

The inspiration was a dark and glamourous Alice  in Wonderland vibe, so I made sure the hair and make-up was girly vintage glam.

Here are a few pics from the day – which will be appearing on Elsie Riley’s site soon. Enjoy!

Rhea taking tea.

Laya looking cute as a button!

Wrap up warm!

Pure glamour!

Photography: Elena Goodrum

Models: Rhea and Laya

Hair & Make-up: Vintage Verity

red flocked chandelier

Image found here

Ah, the scent of Christmas is palpable, windows are getting fogged up by the steam from hot chocolates and baked goods, and the thoughts of Christmas gatherings and present-giving are starting to make my brain go into shopaholic mode. But with the postal strikes causing no end of problems for the conventional means of sending pressies, you can always shop online (most online shops use couriers rather than Royal Mail.)

So I have been busy scanning some of the best online gift shops that you may not have come across. I would suggest you favourite/bookmark/delicious/stumble them for future reference:



A trip over to Cloth Ears is a must for vintage-fanciers – from bunting and cushions to fabrics and accessories galore. Old favourites like the Cath Kidston-esque polka dot fabrics to quirkier designs such as this lovely sail boats cushion or this classy Gladstone vintage inspired bag (£26.99) abound. Or, if like me, you are into the really glamorous old fashioned vintage look (but without the hefty price-tag, you could go for something like these gorgeous lace place mats found at (£5.95)


Another great site to visit for such fripperies is Made in Design particularly because they stock one of my favourite designers, the unusual French design collective, Ibride.

ibride tray

The wonderful Diva table (below) , while is not vintage, is fast becoming a design classic, and is not for the ‘conventional of taste’ types, but I think it’s truly a thing of beauty! Ibride are also famous for their animalia style designs reported previously here on Vintage Verity.

diva side table

For quirky gifts: is always worth a visit as you can browse by person, budget, item, whatever! A few of my pickings include this ‘Bonanza comic book decoupage chair’ for £275 – truly original! Or this ‘brekkie’ teatowel to brighten up the kitchen – a snip at a tenner


Finally, these quirky book-ends are fab – a great gift for bookworms with style (£27.95)


I’m a sucker for lines, so the main image on this post, the red, flocked chandelier has quickly made it onto my Christmas wish list – you can get one at DZD for £46.

So there you have it, a couple of ace new websites to check out – there are plenty more and i will keep adding them to the list as I collect them, so do pop back for updates, and if there is a site I could add to the list, leave a comment and I’ll check it out!

Happy huntin!’