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Well, who would have thought it? Crocheting is back in again.


I have long been a secret crochet fancier and when I was a poor student, my home was swathed in macramé and crochet style plant pot holders purchased for a few pence from the myriad of charity shops I frequented.

 Crochet is back


However as time moved on so did my tastes. I will even go as far as to say that I felt the whole crochet lark was, ahem, a little passé. How wrong I was! This wonderful arty craft is back with a vengeance. I have noticed it cropping up in the wonderfully styled photographs in a plethora of interiors mags and I am truly delighted.
Much of the mainstream popularity of crocheting has been thanks to Erika Knight who kicked off the revival with her books – which are beautifully produced and full of inspiration.

 jewelery box

However, there is also a huge – and I mean HUGE – crochet community on the web.  Here are just some of my favourite crochet -inspired bits and bobs, including a few tutorials to get you started if you are new to all this.
This funky monkey is from Niche Stores – they do a good rang of cute and quirky products that not everyone will have found – a real treat!



These cushions are a work in practice from a very creative young lady who goes under the name of Moline – check out her amazing designs at Etsy 


And if you are after inspiration to create your own crochet clothing, it isn’t all shapeless cardies and beenie hats, Knitboy’s creations stick two fingers up to crochet’s fusty reputation – likewise, Alessandra Hayden’s beautiful bag below is testament to how tasteful a little touch of crochet here and there can be – visit her profile for the full measure of her talent…


Beautiful skirt



 Asian-inspired crochet bag


In fact the more I started researching, the more I found. Goodness me!
So here are the pick of the bunch for tutorials and inspiration – all that’s left is to get those fingers crocheting!


dsc02030.jpgBrown birdy

My new passion is birds – I am currently making lots of little bird brooches to pin onto your bag, blazer, trench coat, scarf, whatever. I am on the hunt for powder coated pins and haven’t had much luck yet.

vintage verityWelcome to my world!

Calling all crafters who are bored of trawling the net for creative blogs only to find that they are far from it???? Join me as I explore the wonderful world of stitching, craft, arty doodlings and other such fripperies.

I decided to launch this blog to provide a resource for people like me who are magpie-eyed creatives looking for an outlet to swap ideas, websites spotted and loved, tips and tutorials, best places to find buttons, ribbons and fabrics, in the UK or internationally.

If you are working on anything spectacularly wonderful, have seen the latest website or can share any local knowledge, then spill here…

beautiful fabricVintage Verity - birdypretty-textiles.jpg


Now, go forth and create!!