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I’ve blogged about her before, but I just can’t get enough of this lady! Claudine Hellmuth is one talented girl and really seems to have tapped into the trend for graphic, whimsical, illustrative loveliness and cupcakes too – all in one pretty bundle.


Here are just some of her pretties over on Etsy! They are all downloadable printables – I am so going to get the ice lolly ones for my daughters’ joint birthday party!


Cup cake box printable

I just had to blog these super sweet cup cake / party favour boxes which come as downloadable printables from Claudine Hellmuth Рshe sells them over on her Etsy shop. Reminiscent of old dolls houses with a good dash of 1950s retro chic, I simply love them. What a sweet idea! They even have a removable cupcake tray!

You get five oven colours in the kit (no need for fancy software either!) as well as little flags and cute oven-mitt gift tags to embellish your boxes with. Totally perfect gift idea!