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Cup cake box printable

I just had to blog these super sweet cup cake / party favour boxes which come as downloadable printables from Claudine Hellmuth – she sells them over on her Etsy shop. Reminiscent of old dolls houses with a good dash of 1950s retro chic, I simply love them. What a sweet idea! They even have a removable cupcake tray!

You get five oven colours in the kit (no need for fancy software either!) as well as little flags and cute oven-mitt gift tags to embellish your boxes with. Totally perfect gift idea!

String me up and colour me pink! I just have to get me these quirky party banners! Forget the old bunting, text banners are where it’s at. Inject a little Joie de Vivre into your get together – or, like, simply hang them in the kitchen to remind yourself to smile over the dishes. Available from PaperMash for £10!


 Image by Claire McMahon


I have been looking for a striking piece of art for my newly plastered wall, and have been getting a bit frustrated by the lack of available resources. I don’t want no arty schmarty mass produced tat, I already have some great photos and paintings about the house. Oh, no.  I want something UNIQUE!

But the first problem is as soon as some new artist is mentioned in a magazine or blog even, then the cost of their work shoots way out of my budget.


So it got me thinking…


I want some funky wall art, right? So why not go down the illustrator and graphic designer route?  They usually sell screen prints direct from their own websites and stuggling artists always want some business.  So I started my trawl and lo and behold have found some AMAZING, thought provoking and imaginative work. In fact, I have opened the proverbial can of worms as there is so much out there.


My best tip? Use the links on each artists blogs – they usually have loads and you would never otherwise find them. Genius.



Image by Alex Cherry 



First up is my new favourite arty designy type is Beata Szczecinska, a Polish design graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. She goes under the name of City Abyss  and her beautiful creations are heavily influenced by fashion, graphic arts, photography and design and take inspiration from city scapes and the modern city environment. I particularly love the Beauty, Rig and Melody prints and at €30 a pop (£23) plus postage and packaging which is around €7. Not bad for limited edition original works by an up and coming artist!



For quirky prints, lots of colour and a fashion edge, check out My Dead Pony, a Belgian graphic illustrator. I really want to get one of his posters – they cost around €30. Here is a taster of MDP’s work!



Similarly Claire McMahon is another one to watch – I love this piece of hers (below) though there is nowhere to buy prints on the site and she uses an agent but you can contact her through Debut Art. She has worked on the POS for Bourjois make-up so this lady is clearly going places!


Images from Debut Art.




VHM Alex  – better known as Alex Cherry, has a great grungy, street stencil style that I really like. Without a frame its $23.99 (£13.50)







Elzo – a Belgian graphic designer based in Brussels has also got a staggeringly original style – I really love this Expo Pazimobile poster – a bargain at € 13. 




Erin Petson is another one to watch – have a look at her lovely site here


J3 Concepts style totally captures everyhing I like in an image – his monochrome prints can be bought for under a tenner! Wow, unique art was never so cheap! If you want a wrapped canvas that starts at around £36 for a small one.




Of course these are just the style of art I personally like.  Check out Deviant Art and Red Bubble where lots of new artists, designers and illustrators are uploading their work to sell. Happy hunting!