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Ok, so I have been a little preoccupied by fashion recently, mainly because of my addiction to some brilliant fashion blogs out there (Only Shallow, kingdom of Style ,Bluebird Vintage)

So to redress the balance, here are some lovely new fabrics, fresh in for spring courtesy of Sew Mamma Sew. I have selected a few of my favourites:

At the beginning of the post is one from a new collection by Urban chicks as is the sample below.


I also adore this Perfect Pattern Tea print by my old fave,  Alexander Henry or what about getting graphic with some monotone prints like these below which come as a fat quart – great for craft projects.



If you fancy getting your hands on some of these little beauties, get over to Sew Mamma Sew and type in the code: INLIKEALION at the check-out for a 10% discount – every little helps!



For those of you who are sewing fanatics, and love buying the funkiest fabric on the web, then get over to Sew Mamma Sew as they are offering a FREE fat quarter (squares of fabric generally used for quilting) of beautiful Amy Butler’s Quilting Solids when you spend $25 or over (which is a mere £16).


Simply use the code ABFQHH when you checkout and you can write your preferred colour(s) in the comments box, but supplies of each fabric are limited, so they will substitute an equally beautiful colour if your choice is not available. The offer runs until 4th December so get shopping!

I have created this poll to glean a bit of an insight into what it is that people like about blogs. As a journalist, in particular a journalist that uses social media, it’s valuable to know why people bother reading blogs at all (I mean you have to gain something out of them!)

In which case, I just wanted to flag up a few blogs that I really like – all of which are quite diverse:

I usually pay a daily visit to Only Shallow – a blog by a rather fashionable young Scandinavian girl called Ranna. I like to see what fab outfits she comes up with and she never fails to impress – plus I am amazed at how good her English is – puts us lot to shame!

Picture found here

I also really rate Please Sir which also gives me a daily boost of inspiration – particularly to help me get my vintage fix. Totally worth checking out for interior fever divas…


Picture found here

Similarly, I really like Sew Mamma Sew’s blog which offers so many tips and inpsiration for crafty creatures like me. They have a fab shop full of really well priced fabric, a Flickr page and a forum to swap ideas on – bravo!

Image found here

Print and Pattern blog just makes me happy. I click on it and I feel my fingers twitch for paper and scissors to start glueing and sticking things. I have found many a great idea on those very pages…always jam packed full of great pix, I am never disappointed!

Image found here

At this point, I would like to flag up an up and coming blog called Slave to Fashion, created by Sophie, a true fashionista in every sense of the word.  Rather than douse her blog in images and links, Sophie writes with humour about her passion for fashion and always manages to raise a smile. She doesn’t blog that often but it is worth checking back regularly to see her hilarious updates.


 image found here

There are more, which will be added in due course, however, I just wanted to explain the poll at the top and also flag up some excellent blogs worth keeping an eye on! Have a great weekend! x